The way VR meant to be

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The way VR meant to be

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The way VR meant to be

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Our VR solution is aimmed to minimize the restriction of conventional VR experiences

and provides natural interaction

  • Darkspede Nodes Cluster positioning system provides tracking accuracy with than 8cm error, which offers even more soomth movement in the virtual world. No more complex setup to acquire open space tracking data, the Darkspede Node Cluster can fit into any shape of field.

    Free Roaming

    Step into our 350m² playground for a true immersive, multi-player indoor VR recreation.

  • Defend the human research facility on the barren moon of Saturn, rescue elite scientists from rogue machines and awaken ancient race

    Phantom Realm

    Work with your team, solve the puzzles to discover deep secrets, use your imagination to eliminate threats

  • VR Inspiration

    Darkspede hosts regular public events for developers and end users to explore the possiblity of VR technology.

  • Whatever you think you can do, you can do it.

    Phantom Glove

    Do what you already know, master the controls in a jiffy without learning from beginning.

  • Darkspede real-time tracking enabled wearable devices allows you to explore the virtual world without restriction

    Optimal VR Solution

    Darkspede wearable VR solution allows you to explore the virtual world without restriction.

  • A single hand blaster carries two hand fire power, multiple fire mode save you even from worst situation

    Phantom Blaster

    Never underestimate the firepower, with this mighty weapon, no foe will stand in your way.


Focus of Darkspede VR solution


High quality of virtual reality sulotion with natural interaction, you ware actually there


Grand wonder, adventure and excitement you would have, without inconvenient restrictions

The Realm

350m² indoor recreation, endless space in the other realm


One call to bring them all and in the joyfulness bind them

What's new

Boost Fund from Film Victoria
20 Feb 2019

We are one big step closer to the peak!

Thanks for the support of Film Victoria, we are more equipped with all the tech we need to tackle the challenges.
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Open for beta
8 July 2018

Phantom Realm is now on beta

Try out our latest season of free roaming VR experience first hand and let us know that you think, we love the feedback and we want to do better. Send us a message to book a session.

Trailer Release
6 June 2017

Darkspede present the premiere episode of immersive VR experience, which put you and your team in a 350m² open space.

Our VR control devices, such as the Phantom Data Glove and Blaster will aid you to explore and interact with your team and the game world, shooting will not be your only way to accomplish your mission.

Prepare for Titan Descenting!
13 Feb 2017

A distress beacon was activated on a barren moon of Saturn, Titan. Signal indicts all machine on the outpost have gone rogue and they have locked down entire facility.

You as one of the first response team, the Wolf Squad, carry out a rescue mission to extract the anomaly research crew, and also to investigate the cause of this “accident” we told the rest of the world.

Darkspede optiaml VR solution
17 Spet 2016

Darkspede offer an optiaml solution for you to experience ture immersion virtual reality without have to sacrifice porformance and usability.

Thanks to Darkspede innovative wearable technology, the intercation with VR is now more fun and lifelike.

Announcing: Phamton Realm Playground
21 Aug 2016

Unrestricted VR recreation in our 350m² playground space, suitable for 4-6 players.

The human research facility on Titan, the largest moon of Saturn, is calling for help, as one of the elite member of response team, you need to save as many people as possible from rogue robots and ancient creatures.

About Darkspede


Darkspede is a startup technology company that delivers natural and interactive multi-user virtual reality experience, our real-time tracking enabled wearable devices allows user to roam in a virtual playground freely without restriction of wires and obstructions.

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